App SEO‚Äč

What is APP SEO?

The mobile-friendly update by Google not just improves the rankings of websites tagged as mobile-friendly. This updates not only the website alone but also these apps will appear in SERP results, and this update will facilitate to install more apps from outside the store listings.

There are different ways how your app will show in mobile search, including app packs, paid ad spot, organic short snippets, and recommendations. Therefore, there are different methods to influence these ranking results. But, first, you should know why you must invest your precious time in exploring development for mobile apps.

Exciting information is that this organic or natural app listing also contains an install key, so users can opt to install the app directly from the SERP. Also, because of the profound linking capacity, the user will be sent directly to the page that benefits them within the application, in place of the homepage as it is used to be.  Not just that, but utilizing Google short links for your iOS app, Android app, or website will send users straightly to the content page that they want if they have installed your app.

Why App SEO important for your App Marketing Strategy?

With Google certifying that more searches happen now on a mobile device than they happened on the desktop, in countries, including Japan, America, or Canada, and it is significant to be noticeable in mobile searches.

That is why obtaining your mobile apps that are visible in mobile search results is not just important to obtain new users but to retarget the currents ones. It may progress that your users are seeking for something that you are contributing to your applications. Developing App SEO, you can make your audience return to your application when they just press the search result.

Mobile SEO:

Develop an app to obtain more experience in mobile searches.  Lately, mobile app search is obtaining a position on desktop browser search, and many individuals go straightly to their apps when they want to contact a particular content or a feature. Something like, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

The Most Standard App Discovery Methods:

People usually go to mobile app stores such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to install an app. But several apps are found outside of these sharing platforms. To know the drivers behind engagement and app discovery, Google partnered with IMCT (Ipsos MediaCT) to research on customer app attainment and procedure behaviors.

According to the reports, 40 percent of the apps are found through the app store search. This decides that if you are not thinking about APP SEO or if it is not noticeable in the Google search, then you will be losing around 27 percent of the impending traffic.