Google SEO

Google SEO

What is Google SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization and it is a process of enhancing the visibility of your website through Search Engines such as Google.  SEO is often about creating small changes in some areas of your website. When observed separately, these modifications might look like accumulative improvements, but when you linked with other optimization, and then your website users can see the performance and experience in organic search results.  

But if you want to improve your website content for Google SEO, then you should do the best keyword research, which is considered as a basic Google SEO fundamentals. In fact, you must start your keyword research before you writing content for your website. This can help you understand which keyword you need to focus on in your webpage content.  It is better is to utilize a combination of long-tail and broad keywords.

Google SEO: On-Page Optimization:

Once you finish your Google SEO keyword research and get a list of SEO keywords that can help you get targeted audience, then you should start using the Google SEO keywords in your content. However, you should not overdo the keywords in your content, and if you overdo it, then for sure your content looks not real.

Place your most important keywords in:

  • Title: When you place the primary keyword in the tile, then for sure it will improve the SERP and CTR rate of your content.

  • The Body of the text: You should put it in the body of the content, but remember not to overdo it. Avoid using the same keyword number of time, instead, include add-in modifiers like top, best, and long –tails.

  • Subheadings: Put the primary keyword in the subheading or H2 headings as they are important parts for SEO Google keywords.

Also, integrate Google SEO keywords into the Meta-title as it become visible in search engine results. Make sure to use some strong Keywords in Meta title.  Also, use them in Meta description, as it appears under your Google link. You must provide an engaging Meta description, including applicable keywords to improve your click-through rate.

ALT Characters/Image file names: It is significant to add pictures in the Google SEP content as they are appealing and attractive for readers, and also the search engines like Google also likes them. Make sure to use the keywords in the file names as well. Also, use the alternative (ALT) characteristic to tell Search Engines to bring your website in the first page of Google.

Anchor text: Join to your new page from different pages on your website, using the keyword as the affix text.  This link makes it easy for Google Crawlers to discover and rank your webpage.

Google SEO to Content Promotion and Link Building: Enhance visibility to your improved content by sharing the content on social media networks and also building links from external websites. This process is also called “off-page SEO.” Use this Google SEO link building techniques to optimize your website content and improve the visibility of your website to attract more targeted audiences.