Video SEO

Video SEO

What is Video SEO?

According to the reports, over 124 million viewers in the United States, which is around 78 percent of the nation’s online population, viewed 9.5 billion videos online per month. Also, over 19 million viewers in Canda, which is 89 percent of the nation’s online population, watched more than 2.1 billion online videos every month. That is why currently, Video SEO is getting popular as it makes an important element of any online marketing promotion.

Video SEO Best Practices:

The author of Search Engine Visibility, Shari Thurow says that there are twelve steps to create successful Video SEO that includes:

  • You must do thorough research on video-related keywords before categorizing and optimizing video files.

  • You must always integrate user-friendly keyword and provide Metadata in every video file.

  • You must provide proper video name with proper keywords, when pertinent.

  • You must provide VSE (Video Search Engines) quick access to your video clips and videos.

  • You must arrange video content with the file format.

  • Automatically remove unnecessary video content.

  • You must create a video catalog or library.

  • Enhance video quality.

  • Band or watermark your video content.

  • Submit and share your video files to Video-sharing Websites and VSE (Video Search Engines).

As the author mentions in her introduction that she wrote the book about building a powerful foundation, and she says that as long the video editors and creators keep usage values and the structure blocks of thriving SEO in mind, then the Video SEO can bring a great ROI (Return on Investment).

Video SEO Services:

According to the experts, 84.8 million viewers watched 4.3 billion videos on YouTube in the United States alone.  That not just makes the YouTube the favorite in online video, but it also offers it a market share that is two times bigger than putting the seven online video properties putting together. This proves that enhancing video for YouTube is more important than enhancing videos for other popular VSE (Video Search Engines) and VSS (Video Sharing Sites).  

As per the information provided in Wikipedia, a YouTube search revisited about 83.4 million videos in one month. That shows that the usual video on YouTube gets about sixty-one views in North America alone. To get higher viewing figures for several videos on YouTube, the SEO-PR invented a latest and useful procedure by developing this helpful suite of VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) tools. This new Video SEO tool power-driven by Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, and Microsoft ASP.Net is and it is known as the video SEO producer.

Video SEO Tool Benefits:

  • Increases YouTube Video, the Video SEO expands multiple videos on a network so users can arrange their best structure and keywords to improve their video optimization program.

  • This video SEO tool saves a lot of time by allowing users to test the time of the day and days to enhance success, and similar with other online marketing tasks.

  • The Video SEO helps you promote YouTube videos; the online publicity agent uses email marketing to help users to send a personal note to other individuals by informing them with a new video of their interest.